Lent Course at St John's


Join Rev'd Chris and others for a Lent Course in the Saint John English Library Wednesdays from 12h45 to 14h15. We will share a bowl of soup and discuss a chapter from the book each week.


Using Ruth Valerio's book 'Saying Yes to Life', each week during Lent we will be reflecting on how an aspect of the Genesis creation story affects our Christian lives.


Rev'd Chris is also leading the course on-line (by zoom) Tuesdays 18h00 to 19h15 France time. Please email Chris if you would like to take part - you might come in person one week, join on-line another etc. You will need to read a chapter of the book each week, which can be found here (hard copies available in church for those here in person): Click HERE to puchase book.


Contact Rev'd Chris as soon as possible to let him know if you wish to take part in the Lent Course.

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Reflections from our Chaplain Chris .....
'Be Present'

Over the past month, these words have kept appearing in some way or other as I get on with my life. And in preparing this reflection, I noticed the idea of 'Being present'' first emerging in my words for the Cross Border/Church Newsletter in January.....

so it feels right to continue it here!

This year Easter comes early, placing Lent only two weeks after Epiphany. Life is moving on quickly - too quickly! I know we all get that feeling from time to time.
We have barely finished reflecting on the message of Christmas and Epiphany and now we are on to the next thing.

So as I walked along the seafront, I felt this voice
(and the sea) say, 'Be present to the moment, even if the moment passes quickly!'
As we do indeed turn to Lent I see a key message of Lent is 'being present'. When I meditate on Jesus' 40 days in the wilderness, being tempted, just as he is about to
set out on his life ministry, I realise how 'present' he must have been to what was happening in that moment.


We might imagine that after being baptised, presented
to the world and showing signs of being a very special type of leader, Jesus would have been eager to get on with the job. But no! He was present to the moment,
and in that moment, he felt the brakes being put on – to spend 40 days in solitude.


Many approaches to achieving psychological well-being nowadays focus on this idea of 'being present'. Mindfulness is a well-known example. Recently, I came
across the Welcoming Prayer as a form of prayer to use when dealing with difficult or strong emotions, which I have been finding very helpful. In this practice you
first spend time noticing where the emotion is affecting you in your body physically. You then move to trying just to accept those sensations, rather than to just get rid of them. Finally, (only when you have properly spent time with these first two steps), you hold them before God and bring God into the conversation. So it's all about 'being present'.

May we each grow deeper in our ability to be present! God bless. Chris