29 March 2020

Dear People and Friends of St John’s,


 As you know, it is not possible or permissible to meet for public worship at St Roch for the time being, nor are we meeting at St John’s on Thursday, nor at the Louvre on Saturdays.


 From my home in Kent, I will be holding us all in prayer as I say the Holy Communion and bless Bread and Wine each Sunday at 5 in the afternoon.


 We will be posting here the weekly service paper so that we can keep in touch on news here and also pray with each other using the psalm and Gospel reading.


 We shall intend to send these things out to you each week for as long as necessary.


 This Sunday 29 March, the Gospel of John reveals a further ‘sign’ of the Good News. It is the account of a family in sorrow, then transformed to joy as Lazarus lives. Today takes us
to the beginning of ‘Passion Time’, when we travel closer to Jesus. We might be able to do this in our imagination following the Gospel account. And I would like to suggest that in
these extraordinary times we might like to keep some kind of personal journal, noting our moods and reflections as each day, passes: our own anxieties, hopes. those acts of kindness, perhaps a poem or piece of music maybe a view from our window or an image on TV. Such a ‘common place book’ will become an intimate prayer and a way of being attentive to the ‘still small voice’ as the hymn suggests.


 Confined to our homes, we will find quite different ways for prayer. And whether alone or with members of our household, we will have a window that allows us to look out and
draw into our prayer the whole world in its anxiety and confusion. There are many excellent devotional materials online. The Diocese website (Click HERE)will guide you to many helpful pages.


 A prayer that I use every morning is from the Ignatian
Network, It offer a short daily prayer time, beginning with the call of a bell, then music, reflection, Bible reading and prayer.



 O God of unchangeable power

and eternal light:

Look favourably on we your Church,

that wonderful and sacred mystery;

and by the effectual working of

your providence, carry out in tranquillity

the plan of salvation;
let the whole world see and know

that things which were cast down

are being raised up, and things which had grown old

are being made new, and that all things

are being brought to their perfection

by him through whom all things were made,

your Son Jesus Christ our Lord; 


Fr David Houghton
Locum Chaplain


Click HERE for the Sunday Service Sheet