05 July 2020

Reflection for Sunday 5 July 2020


Near my home in Kent is a beautiful garden, the grounds of a smallish, modest, Country House. The gardens lead down to a small lake with the water protecting the ruin of a former mini-castle. On an outing one day recently we found ourselves needing to stop, to listen, to see, to wonder. It just so happened that a coincidence of light and absolute stillness had produced a perfect reflection in the surface of the water. Behold: an exact mirror image, so wonderful that all there wanted to capture their own memory of such a phenomenon on their camera. I joined the the rest. (I've attached a photo)


It is so rare to be present in such stillness and see ‘below the surface’. There was no disturbance, no ripple or whisper, just moments to ponder and think and penetrate the depths.


In today’s Gospel we are posed a question. Jesus asks ‘ To what shall I compare this generation’?
He condemns those who can’t recognise the truth around them: he points out the easy superficial judgements, just like playing games. As in muddy water there is no clarity, nor understanding, nor


Let’s ask the question for ourselves. ‘What do you make of this age’? There is no reason why anyone should think as I have done these past weeks, but I do ponder what we will make of this 2020
experience. And I wonder if I will be able to do so without using slogans or handed down ‘opinions’ I need stillness and clarity.


The Gospel points out that children may have more wisdom than the so-called intelligent and experienced.
And Jesus reminds us all that we benefit from guidance. The ‘yoke’ that he speaks of is not a burden as for an animal but the gentle way of God, which is nourished in scripture and Holy Communion, to
direct us in goodness and truth. Grasping such wisdom, and yes, with the gift of peace, clarity and patience, can we be faithful bearers of truth in this world of deceit and corruption? And so ‘make a difference’.
David Houghton


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Fr David Houghton, Locum Priest

Fr David Houghton will be with us from July - September