Welcome to the Anglican Church in Menton

Sunday 27 September

St John's Church

Eucharist Service, 10h30

Fr David Houghton

Saturday Coffee Morning at the St John Library resumes 26 September 2020

Fr David Houghton, locum priest, and St John's Menton Chaplaincy Council are eagerly looking forward to welcoming you to St John's Church Sunday, 10h30. This marks the final stage in 10 years of restoring this fine and beloved Church. 


We are advancing with the presentation of the Sunday Service. At 10h30 the Eucharist will be said with sermon, music without singing and Holy Communion. Of course, do be assured that all appropriate precautions are observed, and at present our capacity is limited to around 40 people. We are sorry that we cannot yet offer refreshments at this time. Please be aware that at this time we cannot assure the use of toilets nor water. Nonetheless our welcome will be the warmest and happiest. 


Later this summer we hope to be able to offer much more as a Christian body in Menton and are very thankful for all the support, encouragement and prayers over so many years.


We wish you all every blessing this summertime.