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We look forward to welcoming you back to the newly renovated St John's Church on Sunday 19 July, 10h30, with Fr David Houghton.


More details next week.

St John's Garden

While the Chaplaincy Council waits for the documentation allowing it to proceed with the restoration of St John's, a small group of keen (mostly amateur) gardeners has been tending the churchyard. Barbara, pictured opposite in full regalia, is the driving force, and unofficial "foreman of works"!  Given that only authorised workers are permitted to work in the yard, we've been required to wear regulation hard hats, which has drawn us into multiple conversations with various passers-by. It has provided us with a wonderful opportunity to talk about the historic church, its restoration, and the long history of mission and ministry undertaken by the Anglican Church in this part of the world.


If you're interested in joining the hard-hat team, send an email to the church administrator, and we'll provide you with a warm welcome, and an invitation to good fellowship and coffee after a Morning of weeding and pruning in our (soon to be even more) lovely garden.