Your Support

In 2010, the beautiful historic Church of St John's was damaged as a result of underground construction work on a neighbouring development. It has taken much of the focus and energy of the Chaplaincy Council since then to bring us to a point where we have the legal authority and specialist advice to begin the repair and renovation of the church building.

We have arrived at that point. An architect has been appointed, and she, with two of her advisors,  have met with some members of the Chaplaincy Council. It is anticipated that once designs have been agreed, and the proper permissions obtained from the local authorities, work will begin.

The project will demand almost all the resources (financial and time) of our Chaplaincy Council and small community. Insurance funding will cover the major structural aspects of the repair work. It will not cover the (greater) work of bringing the church building into line with health and safety regulations, replacing ancient electrical wiring, fittings and plumbing, and renewing books and vestments now unusable after being locked away in a building made inaccessible through the damage.

We need the ongoing support of all those associated with St John's Church: our members, our friends and those who visit this beautiful town along the Cote d'Azur. 

If you feel called to support this work through regular monthly giving, or through an occasional gift, please contact the Chaplaincy Administrator.  Details can be found on the Contact/Location page of this website. 

Please continue to pray with us, and to participate - through your giving and visits - in the renewal of our faith community, and our historic church building.